Pictures of Flowers in Containers: Monkey flower = A, Impatiens = B, Dusty Miller = C

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Pictures of flowers: Monkey flower = A, Impatiens = B, Dusty Miller = C

Pictures of flowers: Monkey flower = A, Impatiens = B, Dusty Miller = C

Container Gardening Flowers: Monkey flower = A, Impatiens = B, Dusty Miller = C

You can easily create a small garden vignette that is sure to bring a smile to any gardener who sees it.

There's a lovely play on words with this display. You might say, the gardener is monkeying around with you!

All they have done is plant a container full of monkey flower and put it alongside an outdoor monkey statue ("hear no evil"). Genius.

Monkey flower has intriguing two-lipped flowers and come in a bright, rich range of colors. They prefer shade and they love water.

The hot pink color monochromatic scheme is created by adding a few impatiens in the front, in a similar shade of hot pink.

Impatiens also love shade and moisture.

This container is all about color, and by adding a touch of grayish green foliage in the back, the bright pink pops even more. Dusty miller does just that.

Dusty miller is an easy plant to grow. Although it prefers drier conditions than impatiens and monkey flower, by providing good drainage, it should do well enough in a combination such as this one.

Dusty miller's yellow flowers are rather insignificant, so it is best to pinch them and just grow the plant for its gorgeous silvery foliage. You could substitute dusty miller with silver artemisia.

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