Container Garden Design: A = Lantana, B = Scaveola

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Pictures of Flowers: A = Lantana, B = Scaveola

Pictures of Flowers: A = Lantana, B = Scaveola

Pictures of Flowers: A = Lantana, B = Scaveola
Another amazing color combination from Daryl Mitchell

Container Garden Design: A = Lantana, B = Scaveola

Image used under a creative commons licence with the kind permission of Daryl Mitchell and Flickr

Two superb performers that can take the heat, lantana and scaveola in contrasting colors make a great combination when paired together.

Lantana thrives in hot weather. Perennial to USDA zone 8, they love heat, whether dry or humid.

They can handle neglect and they actually do better when they aren't overfed or over-watered. Lantana's varieties suited for container growing are shorter, bushier, non-invasive and they are available in an amazing array of color that goes from white to fiery reds and pinks.

Their color seems to intensify when placed in full sun. They are not really prone to disease or pest attacks. And they attract butterflies.

Lantana leaves are hairy, coarse and they emit a disagreeable scent when crushed. All parts of lantana can be toxic to pets and livestock, and it can cause allergic reactions in some people, so keep it in mind when selecting this plant for your containers.

Scaveola might look delicate, but it's not. It can handle hot and dry conditions, it requires little maintenance and because of its trailing habit, it's perfect to soften container combinations.Want more? Use the arrows below to see more lovely container garden designs, all with identified plants and care advice.

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