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Are you an expert in container gardening, or a fledgling beginner?

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Either way, here you'll find useful gardening ideas, tips, and information that will make your soon-to-be or existing home gardening experience a delight.

You can also learn what flowers and plants do the best in which containers.

Get a refresher course on what gardening tools and gardening supplies free up more of your time. Learn about patio gardening, and other great locations for your beautiful displays. All of these ideas will lead to a more creative and successful flower gardening experience.

Never put tomato plants in containers or potted a tree? Stressed on just where to start? Don't worry! Why?

Because, from window boxes and hanging baskets, to exotic plants and herb gardens, we'll take this wonderful journey together. We'll discuss everything you need to do, and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Container Vegetable Gardening

There are very few vegetables you cannot grow in pots or containers. No matter how small your space, you can find room to grow a delicious supplement to your regular groceries.

Use our tips on Growing Vegetables in Containers, and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

How to grow pumpkins really HUGE! Photo and story by Katinka Rubin Michaud

Find out how to grow:

and many other vegetables, organically, from heirloom seeds, without pesticides or herbicides. Delicious, nutritious and great for the planet!

Use our tips to improve your yields, fight off the pests, and extend your growing season into late Fall and even Winter. You can even bring your veggies indoors!

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Container Gardening on a Patio

That ugly slab of gray concrete is about to get a brand new lease on life. Whether you choose to grow containers with food, or brilliant, fragrant flowers is up to you.

Our ideas for container gardening with flowers will brighten up your garden for the entire year!

gardening with pots

Turn your patio space into a container herb garden, or plant bursting displays of flowers using our simple recipes.

We'll teach you all you need to know about patio gardening and other great locations for your beautiful displays. All leading to a more creative and successful flower gardening experience.

Recycled Container Gardens

Make your garden even greener with these fun container gardening ideas.

Recycled container gardening ideas!

We've found people who plant their herbs, flowers, veg and salad in old toys, junker cars, Wellington boots, even a broken doll's head.

We kid you not!

If you've used something fun as a planter, then please share your ideas, pictures and tips!

Miniature Fairy Garden Designs

Looking for a cute new way to get your children interested in container garden projects?

Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas!

See our article on miniature Fairy Garden ideas to be inspired!

They're super-cute and easy to do, and yes, even boys will be enchanted (as long as you sell it the right way to them...).

Container Gardening For Beginners

The great news is, you don't need much to be a successful container gardener.

A few basic tools and supplies, some imagination, and the desire to learn a few skills, a little daily maintenance... and you're set!

Whatever you want to achieve from your box gardens, stop dreaming... we'll work together to make it a reality.

Start Your Journey Here

Container Garden Ideas
Get inspired. Top rated photos and design ideas, container gardening flower pictures, and lots of tips and techniques for making your design the best!

Raised Bed Gardening
Read how newcomers and seasoned gardeners are constructing raised beds, and why raised bed vegetable gardening is on the rise.

How to Grow Tomatoes the Fast, Fun, and Easy Way
Stumped on how to grow tomatoes successfully? Use these tried and true methods of container tomato gardening and watch your tomato plants flourish.

Container Garden Supplies
Here are the most important items you will need to start your Container Garden... and be successful.

Wolf Garden Tools
Stop replacing your garden tools every couple of years, and buy the best. Wolf-Garten is a fantastic series of tools with interchangeable handles, so you can switch between long and short reach at will!

Ask Garden Questions and Get Answers
Are you confused about any type of indoor or outdoor gardening method or just have organic gardening questions? Need advice on growing flowers, shrubs, or trees? Ask here and find the answers quickly!

View Garden Designs That Can Inspire Beautiful Additions To Your Home And Garden
With all Garden Designs, a key element can be the inclusion of Containers. View photos and techniques to learn what flowers and planters will serve this purpose the best.

Container Gardening Tips
Container Gardening Tips: The must have tips for getting all your container planting and designs done the proper way.

Flower Pictures and Videos
Need gardening ideas? Container Gardening Flower Pictures and Videos show all types of flowers, in all types of containers. Inspiration is what you'll find here.

Hydroponic Systems: Free Hydroponics Plans
Hydroponic System: Wondering, how does hydroponics work? We'll tell you. You can view the best systems available and even learn home made hydroponics.

A Terrarium Is a Miniature Ecosystem
A mini ecosystem through a Terrarium is another form of Container Gardening will discuss. Whether it's indoors or out, you can enjoy Terrariums year-round.

Plant Guides For Annuals
Find the best choices for your Container Garden. Browse the suggestions in the Plant Guides Index along with planting info in the Plant Care Guides.

Flower Guide for Perennials, Plus Flower Finder
This Flower Guide for Perennials will help narrow your search by using our plant locator and plant care guides.

Winter Sowing
Wintersowing: Find the best gardening method to rid the winter-time blues. Learn how Winter Seed Sowing can provide numerous amounts of seedlings for your home and garden weeks sooner than traditional methods.

Indoor Gardens: Grow Herbs and Vegetables Indoors
Shows the best way to build a terrarium, grow cactus house plants, an indoor vegetable garden, and herb gardening tips.

Indoor Gardening Tips
Indoor Gardening Tips explaining growing techniques, indoor plant pests, house plant food, with lots of house plant pictures to get inspired by.

House Plants Bring Life To The Indoors
Bringing the outdoors in can be accomplished easily with House Plants. With most species needing minimal care, rest assured there's an Indoor Plant just right for you.

House Plant Care and Common House Plants
Indoor House Plant: Must know information to make sure your indoor flowers thrive. Plus, care and tips for everthing from flowering house plants to cactus house plants.

Garden Interviews
Our interview page is dedicated to gleaning from the wisdom of those who have gone before us. Their writing, photography, tips and techniques are huge resources for us. Read through their wonderful ideas!

Garden Alerts! Diggin' A Little Deeper
The e-zine for lovers of Container Gardens, or those who'd love to learn more about them... and about this wonderful form of gardening.

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Why Container Gardens Make Sense Today

More and more of us live in cities. Our jobs tend to "uproot" and move, and that means our families must move with them. Space in suburbs and city centers is at a premium.

At the same time, the growing awareness of industrial farming practices, and what might be in the food we're feeding to ourselves and our children, has created the burning desire within a new generation to grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

This is the 'perfect storm' behind the huge growth in this fun form of gardening. Ideas of planting a few pots of herbs, or a tomato plant or two, soon grow into more ambitious plans.

Before long, you're building containers to cover up your useless lawn space, and harvesting dozens of varieties of peppers, artichokes, carrots, salad, greens, onions, and delicious fresh herbs (try going back to those tasteless dried flakes in the jars after cutting your own mint or rosemary!).

Throw in some flowers, and a previously dead space can suddenly bloom into a brilliant, productive miniature garden, on your patio, porch, lawn... even your rooftop!

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