Indoor Gardens

Indoor Gardens: Shows the best way to build a terrarium, grow cactus house plants, an indoor vegetable garden, and herb gardening tips.

These days many people keepindoor plants to make their house and rooms look lively and beautiful.

While there is no denying the fact that indoor plants add to the look and beauty of a house, they also haveother benefits too.

Jade House Plant

All of us are taught about thebenefits of green plants and trees from our early years... think back to those science days! Could be WAY back for some!!

Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emit oxygen, refreshing the environment.

Thus, keeping plants indoors can help in naturally freshening up the environment of your house.

Click here for a list of great House Plants that would be super additions to indoor gardens.

A Problem

In addition, according to recent research from The California Air Resources Board, indoor air pollution can be 25–62% higher than outdoor pollution.

This is a pretty significant number... especially when we spend a majority of our lives in our house or some other building.

The Solution

One easy way to create a healthier environment within your house is to grow indoor plants.

Plants can absorb harmful substances in the air from cooking or even from chemicals in the paint on your walls. They also filter dust and carbon dioxide from the air returning fresh oxygen and increased humidity to your environment.

Plants can also be a psychological benefit to yourself by dampening sound levels...reducing stress. And studies have even shown them to alter moods in a positive way.

Indoor Garden Systems

Check out some really neat and cost effective ways of gardening indoors. These systems are for the beginner and seasoned indoor gardener.

Indoor Vegetable Garden

No better way to save money and enjoy fresh vegetables all year round than by gardening indoor vegetables. These tips will provide some good details on what to do and NOT to do!

Indoor Herb Garden

Find great tips on gardening herbs. Make life a little easier and healthier by starting on indoors today. Herbs can be grown year round indoors. Great for the kitchen!

Cactus House Plants

An easy way to bring some spice into the home is cacti. Growing cactus plants is a fun way to garden indoors. Read more here oncactuscare.

Plant Terrarium

Bring the tropical to your home!! Build a terrarium for yourself, kids, grandchildren...and watch a miniature ecosystem come to life. This is a terrific example of growing and learning at the same time. You'll truly enjoy this wonderful form of indoor gardens!!

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