Yucca Plant Soil

by Diana
(Chicago, IL)



I just bought a fairly large spineless Yucca plant for indoors. I have a large clay pot, but NO hole at the bottom for drainage. General instructions call for well-drained soil.
Any suggestions? I'd rather not drill any holes at the bottom if I can avoid it. (I was thinking rocks at the bottom or an inverted bowl w/a hole?).

Any response is GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU!



Hello Diana,

I think you'll really enjoy your yucca plant!!

First though, you must have a drain hole in any container that you use for plants.

How it works is this: When you pour water into the container, the soil will absorb a lot of it, however, any excess water has to have a place to escape.

If the water has no place to go, it will sit at the bottom of the soil and will eventually cause root rot (roots constantly setting in water logged soil will rot) or the soil will go sour and lead to fungus or disease.

With a hole at the bottom, water can drain into a saucer or something of that kind....keeping any water off of the floor, table, etc.

As far as well drained soil...what they mean is a soil like store bought potting soil (such as miracle grow mix). When you take it out of the bag, it consists of material that is very light and "airy". Unlike some soils that are heavy and thick.

The lightweight ingredients of such soils like miracle grow, will allow water to drain easily.

One last thing...I have heard of people placing a potted plant (that has a drainage hole) into a larger decorative pot (that has NO hole) and emptying the decorative pot of any excess water after watering. This would be quite cumbersome and again, you can never leave a plant sitting in water.....So if you would forget to empty the large pot.....HUM???? Don't know if I would chance that!!

Good luck and hope this helps!!


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