Young (Just Planted Out) Seedlings & Constant Rain

Be careful with young seedlings in heavy rain storms

Be careful with young seedlings in heavy rain storms

Young (Just Planted Out) Seedlings & Constant Rain

FIRST OF ALL............
I have only today stumbled across this wonderful site, I am not a prolific gardener by any means but I do love to see color.

I have only pots & planters I my smallish garden & have found this site to be a wealth of easily read info & will saving it in my favorites page.

I will definitely be trying the milk carton method of sowing.
Mr N Partridge
Broseley, Shropshire, England,(GB)

NOW THEN..............

I have just received some young plants & put them out into some very heavy (immoveable) large pots, but over here in the UK we seem to have a constant band of rain & I'm worried they will be battered, will they be OK or should I cover them?

Editor's reply: Thank you so much for your kind comments, Mr. Partridge! We try our best to provide informative articles that will help amateur gardeners to enjoy their hobby more.

Young plants can be very tender, and if the rain is very severe, then there are two ways they can be harmed. Both by waterlogging, and the danger of heavy raindrops actually damaging the plant's leaves or stems.

You could move your seedlings under cover, but they are in huge, immoveable pots, so that option is not easy.

I would rig up a simple cover to shelter your seedlings from the worst of the storm, until they are strong enough to withstand the 'best' of the British springtime!

Keep growing! And send us photos when your seedlings mature.

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