Yellow Leaves on Tomato Plants Bought From a Local Nursery

by Jennifer


I just brought home a patio tomato plant, already in a container and about 2 feet tall with some immature tomatoes. After 2 days, the leaves started to yellow, starting in the center of the leaf. The soil was almost bone-dry when I bought it so I immediately watered it - could I have watered it too much?


Hi Jennifer,
Yellowing leaves on Tomato Plants can sometimes be a sign of many different things. The simplest of them is watering. If you over-water a plant, it can cause the leaves to turn yellow. If you question yourself about how much to water, what you need to do is this:

Soak the container so much that you see water draining out the bottom through the drainage holes. If the pot is over a saucer, allow the soil to soak up the water that is puddling in the saucer. The following day, you can then check the soil by pushing your finger into the top 1-2 inches of potting soil. If it feels moist, don't water it. If it feels dry, water it! That sounds simple, and it is. Tomato plants in containers will do well by watering in this fashion.

There are a couple of diseases that can show there signs through the yellowing of leaves. Verticillium wilt is a soil borne fungus that will usually show other symptoms such as the same leaf eventually dying and falling off.

Also, there is the Early Blight. But once again, dark spots are seen on the leaves that will eventually turn yellow.

So with that said, if all you're seeing is yellowing leaves, just try the watering schedule from above, and hopefully you'll see the problem disappear.

Good Luck,

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