by Margie Skaggs
(Mauckport, Indiana)


I"m really new at this winter sowing, so I may have a lot of crazy questions, so please bare with me.

Can I use any thing that's clear and plastic to plant in? So I guess they stay in the containers until they pop up and spring is here. Wonder if they come up to early and start growing, Or do they do that?

I'm so confused, but I really want to do this so bad, I'm really excited about it. I'm just afraid I will loose all my seeds I traded for from other states. I guess I'm just chicken!!

But I'm ready to go for it. Thank you so much for helping me.

Thank you Margie


Hi Margie,
I would say that you can use almost any clear container. You just have to be able to drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Also, as Spring draws near, the top of the container will need to be opened more and more as to introduce the seedlings to the warmer air, etc.

That's why I think 1 gallon water and milk jugs are the best. Easy to drill into the bottom. Remove the lid and you have an instant opening for the top. Later for Spring, it's easy to cut open the top as the seedlings grow more and more. Oh, and yes they DO grow in the containers and sometimes come up early. But in all the years I've done wintersowing, even though they come up early, they always make it. Growing from the beginning in the cold outdoors, they just know what to do and how to survive!

Lastly, if I were you, I would only use a portion of your traded seeds for winter sowing and keep the rest for something else. That way if something goes wrong (very hard to mess up winter sowing, though), you would have the other portion of your seeds to fall back on.

Does this help? If you need further instruction or more in depth guidance, write back and we'll help!!


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