Wintersowing and Bloom Time Transplanting?


I want to be able to grow early blooming potted annuals. What is the expected bloom time of WS annuals compared to the greenhouse variety or spring direct sow?

Will this method produce good stocky flower plants or do the seedling need repotted to prevent them from becoming stretched out and leggy before the weather is ready?

After the seedlings come up, how soon do they need to be transplanted before turning leggy? Thank you for great inspiration.


Hello..and thanks for the question.

First off, wintersown annuals are VERY hardy and strong. I have never had to worry about the seedlings becoming leggy like I have when I have done them indoors. Being out in the elements makes them strong and stout.

As far as bloom time is concerned, the Wintersown annuals will bloom later than something you would purchase at the Greenhouse. The greenhouses create the world's most ideal conditions for blooming. Wintersowing does not do that. But in the end, your wintersown annuals will be healthier, stronger, and most likely will live longer than that of the greenhouse.

Hope this helps!

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