Winter Sowing: To Cap or Not to Cap?

by Gwen
(San Antonio, Tx)

Winter Sowing: To Cap or Not to Cap?

I thought you said to throw away the cap, then after reading you would need air holes I am confused. Do you put the lid back on the jug or not?

Editor's reply: Thanks for asking, Gwen. I realize that it may not be totally clear.

Because I recommend the milk jugs, I mention removing the cap. But because you can ALSO use other containers, those don't necessarily have a cap (such as rotisserie chicken containers).

In the case of not using a milk jug, you WILL need to make air holes.

In the case of using the milk jug, you discard the cap.

I hope that clarifies it for you. Please contact me in the spring to let us know how you got on by using the Comments link below!

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