Winter Sowing: The Cold is... Cold!

by deke

Winter Sowing: The Cold is... Cold!

I could see maybe small pin holes in the lid for vents, but these plants when it gets like below freezing are going to have a hard time.

They are in a environment like the desert, but with moisture, plastic containers trap heat for a little bit, but once night falls the temperature will plummet!

Maybe some old quilt to cover them up.

Snow is a good insulator so if snow covers them they should be fine... just be careful, cold when its cold is hard to defeat.

Editor's reply: if you're new to winter sowing, then start off small and see how it goes.

Spread your risk by using a wide variety of seeds in small batches of 1-3 jugs. Don't invest too much time in year one.

If it works out, go big on the ones which worked best for next winter. And let us know how you do using the Comments link below. Good luck!

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