Winter Sowing Seedlings

Winter Sowing Seedlings Tangled?

With all of those little tiny plants from all of the scattered seeds... how would you transplant them? I would think it would be a tangled mess.

Editor's reply:

Nature has an 80-20 rule for seedlings, as with most other systems (animals, human effort etc.). 20 percent of your seeds will result in 80 percent of the plants.

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Some will not germinate at all. Others will, as you say, get tangled. The successful plants will feed, in part, on the seeds that don't succeed.

Simply select the strongest of those which do germinate, and you'll have more than enough healthy plants.

Want to make sure of healthy plants? Seedling starter trays have individual compartments. You can drop two or three seeds into each. This will separate the seedlings more effectively.

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re: tangled mess
by: Anonymous

I don't worry about it. I do the hunk of seedlings method. The roots are very strong and long. Just cut them up like brownies and plop them in. The problem with the smaller cell packs is you have to be hyper vigilant with watering so they don't dry out and cook.

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