Winter Sowing and Seedling Planting

Winter Sowing and Seedling Planting

If you sow beans or cukes when would you put these in the ground? I live in the Cleveland area and our Winters are long.

I would appreciate any help in knowing when to put things in the ground. Thank you. Carol

Editor's reply: Hi Carol. Your question is really not one about Winter Sowing. It's more a general question. I would simply advise you to ensure that the final frost has passed.

Each area has a different frost "equinox" -- a date after which there is never (or very, very rarely) a ground frost.

The nice thing is, your seedlings using the Winter Sowing method should be hardier, so even if an unexpected frost does occur, they will be better conditioned than most to survive it.

Good luck with your beans and cukes!

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