White Spots On Schefflera Tree

by Edward Gilbert
(Boston, Ma. USA)

Schefflera Tree

Schefflera Tree


I recently moved my Schefflera plant inside for the winter. The plant was thriving outside. however, since moving it inside I noticed the leaves appear to be dying with white dots forming on them. It also looks as though this blight is spreading quickly on this plant. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Ed Gilbert
Boston, MA


Hello Ed,

Here's what I can tell you. During the winter months, Schefflera trees are suppossed to be kept drier than normal. There could be a chance that you've over-watered the tree causing the fungus.

You could prune and throw away any diseased plant parts. Hopefully that would control the spread.

The only other thing that I think it could possibly be is, mealybugs. They can look like white spots as well. If that's the case, visit a local hardware store and they could show you something that could rid the tree of the pests.

Hope this helps!!

Let me know what happens!!

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Schefflera Tree

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