Where Should I Cut My Tomato Plants Back At?

by Melissa
(Rocky Point, NC )

I need to know where to cut my tomato plants back, how far back should i cut them or at all?


Hi Melissa,
Great question!!

First of all, there are some gardeners that I know who choose to do nothing to their tomato plants. You CAN do this, but the end result will be a very tall, wide, messy plant that will be difficult to keep off the ground, etc.
The fruit that would be produced is often slower to develop and will most often weight down the plant stems either breaking them off or allowing the fruit to lay upon the ground....which we do not want.

So pruning your tomato plant would be a great idea.

The first step you need to take is to determine if you have a indeterminate or determinate tomato plant. If you have a determinate plant, than I would skip the pruning since they are sort of "designed" to have a shorter growing period and a more "set-in-stone" fruit period.

For the indeterminate tomato plant, an easy route to go is to prune off everything below the first flower buds. This makes a "tree looking" plant....a single stemmed plant with nothing on it below the first buds.

This will help the stems of the tomato plant grow thicker and stronger AND with less suckers, etc, they'll be less competition for the fruit!

I hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask about anything else that is a problem.

Thanks for using our site!!


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