When to Start Winter Sowing in Zone 3?

by Sandie
(Britt, MN USA)

When to Start Winter Sowing in Zone 3?

I cannot wait to try this in NE MN. I live between the 2 "ice boxes" of the country: International Falls, MN and Tower, MN where it's typical for temperatures to hover 25 - 40 degrees below zero for days.

When would be a good time to set my milk jugs outside and start the process of winter sowing?

Editor's reply: Anytime really. What else can you "plant" at this time of year, other than snowmen?

Don't over-invest in one type of plant. Spread your risk and do a bit of this and a bit of that, and see how it turns out for you this winter.

If it works well, ramp up your winter sowing for the following winter. You can then get prepared ahead of time and have lots of jugs ready before the next big freeze!

Good luck, and please do feed back your results using the Comments link below.

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