When to put holes in top of container?

by Kathy


Could you please tell me how big the plants should be before you start putting more holes in the top of the container? I hesitate to take the tape off, because when the jug is sealed that way it's so much easier to know if I need to water since the condensation inside the jug is clearly visible. These last 2 weeks have been unseasonably warm here in zone 6. My jugs receive morning sun.So I don't know whether I should remove the tape, remove the lids or cut holes with these newly germinated plants!!!--I would really appreciate your advice!!


Hi Kathy,
Personally, I have never cut holes in the top of the milk jugs. Once the seedlings start to grow a few inches high, I "break open" the tape, somewhat, so as to open the jug a couple of inches. (I hope that makes since).

Then, after they are starting to fill the inside of the jug, I will remove the tape and open up the jug completely....by this time, they are used to the cool air (if there's any left).

They need their space to grow and you for sure don't want to prolong opening the jug. If you do, they might get too hot in their mini-greenhouse and burn up.

Keep the soil moist and you should be doing well!!

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