When There Are So Many Flowers and The Tomatoes Are Malformed, What Is Wrong?

by Kay Hansen
(Saint Germain, WI USA)


My plant is very tall and has tons of flowers but the tomatoes that are forming are gnarly shaped. It is a container plant and is a Beefsteak tomato. It is tall and I have been pruning the side-shoots. Is there anything else I can do?


Hello Kay,

This is an interesting, yet difficult question to answer.

The beefsteak tomato plant itself, does not normally produce abnormal looking fruit. So, what usually brings on odd-shaped tomatoes, is a couple of things. Here's the ones I know about:

  • Problems with pollination. You might ask, "what causes problems with pollination?" Good question. Really dry conditions and really hot weather will reak havoc on pollinating.

  • Temperatures that were at or below 55 degrees during the time the fruit was setting.

However, even if one of these conditions or something else occurred to cause the malformations in the tomatoes, 99% of the time, they are still edible and good tasting.

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