When Do I Start Winter Sowing

by G.Ross
(Lombard, IL)


I live just outside of Chicago. It is the beginning of March, there is still snow on the ground and I have not started my seeds yet. Can I winter sow now or is it too late. How should I start my seeds at this time?


By all means, it's most definitely not too late. I just planted 7 more jugs 3 or 4 days ago. However, some types of perennials for instance, need a long time in the cold before they'll do their "thing" and sprout in the spring.

But I think with the winters in Chicago, most if not all, of the choices you would go with will be alright.

I waited on purpose for these last 7 jugs just so they wouldn't be out in the cold as long as some of my other choices. I'm also planning on wintersowing 5-7 more in April...some petunias, marigolds, etc., that are a little more tender than other.

Let me know if this helps and if you need more help,

Winter Sowing


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