What To Apply To Keep My Marigolds From Being Eaten


I plant the marigolds and in approx. one day, they are completely eaten.


Hello gardener!

I think I should start off by saying this:
The only thing I can do, is give you some ideas of things to try. I've read SO many articles and forum posts from people who swear they have found the item that will keep their plants from getting eaten. I try it....The plants still get eaten!!
You never said what the culprit was. Maybe you don't know. But I'm betting it's a rabbit. I planted many marigolds this year. More than I ever have. The ones that seem to do well are the mature plants. The rabbits seem to enjoy the young seedlings over the older ones.

So, with several of my small plants eaten to the ground, I used something I had never used before. Ammonia! I really DO think it worked. The smell is so awful, they stay away. Now, here's the trick, though! It wears off so quick, you would probably have to apply it everyday until the plants matured enough.

Some other ideas to try:

Fox urine. Found at hunting stores, etc.

I've also heard of gardeners using Cayenne pepper.

Live traps! Catch it...release it someplace a couple of miles away.


I put up a small fence to keep them out. Oddly enough though, the first one I erected was made of a hard plastic. They ate holes through it!! Can you believe that???

So, I then installed a metal/wire fence. It stands approx. 2 feet tall. The holes in the fencing are much smaller than regular chicken wire. I'm not for sure what the exact name of the wire is, but I would say, the smaller the holes, the better!

So far, that's the ONLY thing I've found that will work..consistently. It doesn't look the greatest, but at least I can take it down once the plants are mature enough to withstands the "eatings"!

My mature plants do get nibbled on, but they can't seem to do enough damage for them to look too bad.

Good Luck....It is a battle, isn't it??


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