What is the best way to prune tomato plants?

by Maria
(San Jose, CA)


I've been growing tomatos (3 - 4 plants) for three years here in California and my plants get huge. Should I prune them back and if so what's the best way to do so without damaging the plant?


Hi Maria,
Great question. First of all, I don't prune. At least in the since of pruning like a flowering plant.

If I were you, I would sucker the plants. That means finding the small shoots that are coming out in between the larger stems. Simply pluck them off with the tips of your fingers. If the suckers are getting thick, you should use a pair of shears. The longer they grow, the more the plant will stress when a large sucker is sheared off.

But in the end, major pruning, (cutting out large sections of the plant) I would not do.

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