Watering Tomatoes and Sunshine

by Trish


I have just bought a tomato plant and live in a flat so have put in window in a sunny room, is this ok? How often do I water and when do I feed?


Hi Trish,
If your window gets at least 6 hours of sunlight, you should be okay. If it doesn't, you'll need to supplement the lighting with some type of fluorescent lighting. You can read more here.
I would strongly recommend using supplemental lighting anyways. Tomatoes grown indoors can often develop at a lesser rate if the light need is not being met.

As far as watering, you want to keep the soil moist. Indoors will require much less watering than outdoors. Just keep an eye on the soils dampness. For an easy way to check soil, go here.

Lastly, feeding will be done with any type of liquid fertilizer. Usually using have the strength it calls for is a good route to go. Some directions will actually tell what to do if your growing indoors. Just follow the guidelines for the frequency as the manufacture suggests.

One last thing is temperature. The tomatoes really need to have around 70 degrees during daylight hours and high 60's at night.

With some patience and care, it can be done successfully. You can do it!!!!!!!

Good Luck!!


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