Watering Seeds Grown in a Container

by Lilly


I just recently planted a few vegetable seeds in biodegradable seed starting pots. To avoid washing the seeds away, I used a spray bottle that previously had all purpose house cleaner in it. Before using this on my vegetable seeds, I thoroughly cleaned it and ran it through the dishwasher several times. If I use this bottle to water my seeds, will it harm them?


Hi Lilly,
First, let me say this. The easiest and BEST way to water seed pots is to water from the bottom. I used to use a spray bottle, but anymore I would never go back to it.

Just place the pots in something that will hold the water, pour water into the container and allow the pots to soak it up. I'm not sure how many you have, but just allow them plenty of time to soak it up. If there is water left, you would want to drain it off. They shouldn't set in it for too long.

I would be a little too scared to use the previously used spray bottle. If you don't use it, that's one thing that you can mark off your list that won't cause harm to your new seedlings.

But to close, watering from the bottom is a standard that most growers prefer.

Good Luck,

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by: Lilly

Hey Brad,

Thanks for your advise on watering! I was amazed at how much better it worked than what I was doing. I will definitely continue watering my seeds from the bottom up!

Anyway, here's something else for you. It has been 6 days after planting 10 lettuce seeds. Only one of them has sprouted! Does this mean the other 9 won't sprout, or am I just being impatient?


Sounds like all is going well. I think you just need to wait a few more days. 6 days is not very long. So just keep watching and I'll bet you start seeing the others pop up real soon.

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