Watering Of Tomato Plants

by Nancy
(Surprise, Arizona)

OK- Was wondering that when the tomato leaves look like they are dry or maybe dying, are we giving them too much water or not enough?


Without seeing your plant, my best guess is that you are not giving the plant enough water.

The biggest percentage of the time, a tomato plants leaves will turn yellow if too much water is given.
So, barring that there's not a disease or fungus lurking in the tomato plant, I would up the watering schedule.

If your tomato plant is in a container, keep in mind that the plant has no place but the container soil from which to draw it's water. On a hot Arizona day, the soil will dry VERY quickly. Watering as much as twice a day would not be unheard of.

If your tomato plant has been put in the ground, maybe all that needs to be done is a stronger soaking of the soil around the plant. (By the way, don't water the tomato plants leaves, only water at the base of the plant.) Tomato plants won't react well when watered from above.

So, in either case, make sure the soil is soaked through. In other words, you don't want just the top layer of soil watered.

Hope this helps, and happy tomato gardening!!!


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Watering Tomato Plants

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what should I do??
by: Harold

why does my tomato rot on thr bottom before they turn red????

Should Be Fine
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that question....That IS a lot of rain. BUT, I really think that the tomato plants will pull through. So, at this point, I think you are okay.

Too much water?
by: Anonymous

We had 2 weeks of straight rain and my plants are turning yellow will they come back or are they all gonna die?

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