Wandering Jew
(Tradescantia fluminesis)

Container Gardening Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew
House Plant or Tropical
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Tradescantia fluminesis is one of three plants, called Wondering Jew. It has small white flowers and bright green leaves. It will vine profusely if given minimum care.


This houseplant should be placed in indirect or filtered light. Plant in pots in a good quality soil mix. Water when the plant begins to slightly wilt.

Plant Tips

Keep one houseplant per every 10 square yards to help keep the air clean in that area!

If you mix night synthesizing plants (like orchids) with regular plants, your plants will work around the clock to filter your air!

Use a general mixture of plants to try to filter out as many pollutants as possible!


The plant is primarily used as a houseplant. A perfect addition to any home, this species is an easy-to-care-for plant that should give you many years of enjoyment.


Aphids can be a problem for this plant.

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