Using A Plastic H20 Bottle Embedded In Container Tomato Plants


Can a plastic bottle filled with water be embedded upside down in the soil of a container tomato plant work for watering if one must be away for a couple of days?

Thank you for your help.


That's a wonderful idea! I use it on a small hanging basket that is in a position which gets little rainfall. I'm using a small bottle inverted and plunged into the soil. It's works GREAT!
Especially if you are only going to be gone for a couple of days, I think all should go well. The size of your tomato container would dictate the size of water bottle to use. If it's a large container, you might have to use something like a 2 Liter pop bottle.

I wonder if it's possible for you to do a trial before you leave for the two days? Then, you could be certain of what size would work best.

Good Luck!!
Let us know how it goes if you can!


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