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Every year in the fall I have 18 containers with moisture holding soil in them. Do you recommend I start with fresh soil every spring? If yes, what should I do with all this used soil? dump it in my garden? spread it on the lawn? other ideas?



Hi Nancy,

I almost always re-use my container garden soil from year to year. Unless it has a diseased plant or something like that in it, I can't see any problems that I've ever had.

What I do, is add slow release fertilizer to the mix before re-planting in the Spring.

If I were you and decided not to use it again, I would always add it to, or start a compost bin.

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I recycle it on my compost bin.
by: Dr.R

I am a HOBBY grower. Mainly fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes,fresh herbs and spices, pimentos,lettuce,ans some Zone 9-10 area. I usually take my used old potting soil and mix it with the organics from the same crop. Banana peels, coffee grinds,egg shells,fish products,and so.I start with no less than 40 plants and from there I pick the healthy and stronger.

The small and slow growing go into the same bin for recycle. When it comes out is as new potting soil and as good or better as when bought.Its a way to organics and works well when starting a Chice Garden with the best there is. I love gardening, but love more the flavor of what I grew from a seed. auburn

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