Unusual Gardening Containers

by Gail

Last year I decided to grow vegetables for the first time. I was recovering from a long illness and was well enough to work on a project, but I really was not yet able to work physically hard in the garden...so container gardening was the ideal solution for me.

I did lots of research into vegetables that would grow in containers, picked specific varieties that were supposed to be suited for container gardening and I decided to grow everything from seed as that was going to be cheaper.

Most of the information I’d read said not all seeds would germinate, so to plant extra to make sure that some plants did grow. All of my seeds germinated! And I nursed my little seedlings as they grew on the windowsill and then I couldn’t bear to kill any of them when it came to potting them up, so I potted them all up.

For my first year and my little “manageable” garden I had 30 tomato plants – and many other plants too!

I did manage to give some plants away to friends, but I was still left with lots of plants to find permanent container-homes for and I was looking for an inexpensive solution to my problem.

I got very creative with my containers and planted veggies in plastic buckets, patio party-sized ice-buckets and even shopping bags carefully sealed with waterproof sealant! My plants all seemed to be very happy in their containers and I had a very successful first gardening season. I am trying even more this year!

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