Umbrella Tree
(Schefflera arboricola)

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Container Garden Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree Care

House Plant or Tropical
Zone_8 Zone_11 Zone 8-11
Water_use_2 Water_use_4 Low to High Water Use
Exposure_2 Exposure_1 Part Shade to Full Sun
6' (180cm) High
4' (120cm) Wide
Moderate Growth Rate

A Schefflera Tree, or Umbrella, is a popular house plant. A Schefflera Plant is a native tropical of Taiwan. The tree flowers, but not often. It is usually kept for it’s interesting foliage.

Schefflera grow in a shrubby habit.

Care For Schefflera

Care of the Shefflera plant includes high light levels and regular watering. However, they are tolerant of some neglect. There are many varieties from Dwarf Schefflera, Bonsai, to variegated. It is a forgiving, easy care houseplant.

Plant Tips

  • Get rid of the dust on your houseplants and give them a refreshing shower by popping them in the garden during a light rain. This saves on your water bills too - and avoids the need to buy special wipes to clean the leaves. Alternatively, use a discarded teabag or the inside of a banana skin to wipe the dusty leaves of houseplants and give them a shine.
  • Remove up to 87% of indoor pollution within 24 hours with a spider plant!
  • Philodendrons and aloe plants are especially good protection against formaldehyde
  • Gerbera daisies, peace lily, and English ivy are good protection against benzene and trichloroethylen


The Schefflera House Plant offers decorative options, and air cleaning for home.


None noted.

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