Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters:
Watering Issues

by Carl S. Dunn
(Wilmington, Delaware)

Topsy Turvy Watering Issues

Topsy Turvy Watering Issues

Topsy Turvy Watering Issues

As this was the first time I used the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters, I will pass on my experiences in hopes all those who want to try this method will learn from my mistakes and successes.

So far, I have one beefsteak tomato plant in the hanging planter in my back yard hooked to a 4 X 4 wooden fence post. It grew fast and curved up from its originally upside down direction.
I planted it in the middle of May and now 5 weeks later it is flowering about 30 buds which have produced 1 large tomato (and 3 small ones in just the last 2 days) as I took a Q-tip two days ago and self pollinated by wiping the tip all around the buds that remained.

I say, remained, as most of the flower buds would drop off after turning brown with no baby tomato. Watering was a guessing game as every day I would check it and if it rained it felt damp, even if it rained it tended to be dry below the first inch of potting dirt, and the plant would wilt, which I mistakenly thought was from over watering.

Topsy Turvy Tomato PlantersI also thought the flower buds were dying from over watering as much that I read from the web suggested was the result of too much water.

No fruit- too much water and the flowers would rot off. I couldn't seem to get it right. Actually, it was a combination of not enough water and a need for help in self pollination.

So, today I have 4 tomatoes growing, but due to the rain, I made a mistake in under watering causing shock and therefore wilting. Hopefully, I can save it, but watering every morning I think is the trick, and watching for too much watering can be difficult to judge due to the planter dehydrating the soil faster than I thought possible.

It takes a lot of diligence and careful watering.

Thanks for sharing! Please post your own experiences below.

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Watering Issues

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3rd article about topsy turvy tomatoes!
by: Carl

This being mid July, and with 15 new tomatoes total on the single plant in the T-T planter, I would like to relate the latest information in case any out there could use this info...but lately one tomatoe turned red early on and then in two days rotted on the bottom. What I've read is a lack of calcium, over-watering, or a fungus/bacteria/virus disease.

I am going to crush some egg shells and try that first, then as it drys out so fast, I won't change the watering schedule of 2X's a day as it isn't that! Maybe it's a fungus/bug, but I think it was from the spilled potting soil I may have dropped inadvertantly when re-filling it as it settled. I quickly threw it away, the rotten red one, alas, I had thought finally! I am going to get an early treat! Nope! None of the others are rotting, but some appear thin and showing a crevass, prior to splitting, so if any body has info about that, let me have it!

I am feeling that this may be the last time I try the T-T planter for tomaotes, but maybe some hardier types or peppers. It really is a good idea, but maybe a form of watering device would fix the problems I am having. I need to find something that can give it about a half gallon a day. Well, I hope everyone is having better luck with the topsy-turvy than I have, and another issue is getting 8 hours of sun, I am probably only getting 6 or 7 tops.

It is the neighbor's tree, but I have no way around that, unfortunately!

by: Brad (Site Owner)


Thanks so much for sharing!! These ideas are extremely helpful for our readers!!

Thanks again,

july 1st-8 weeks and 2nd article
by: Carls topsy-turvy

I recently wrote about my topsy-turvy experiences after about 6 weeks, and now it is July 2nd. I will tell you how to get a ton of tomatoes on your topsy-turvy planter so you will be satisfied with it.

When it started flowering, I saw many turn brown and drop off without the expected green bulb-a baby tomatoe. I was dissapointed so I thought, what to do? Well, I read off the web all about the problems and here is a synopsis of info that might help you get a ton of tomatoes.

First, water the T-T planter morning and late evening.

Second, be sure to fill the planter to the top with potting soil, and the best would be the type that helps retain water during dry spells.

Third, use a small brush or q-tip to lightly brush every flower as it opens every day or twice a day to help pollinate the flowers. I think I have over two dozen baby tomatoes now, and also, be sure it gets plenty of sunlight too to help it grow faster.

I am one happy gardner!

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