Topsy Turvy Gift

by Joyce Kendall
(North Georgia)

A friend gave me two Topsy Turvy planters as a gift and I'm trying them out. The main plus for me, other than the quirkiness of it, was to gain more space for my small urban garden. There are cucumbers growing all around the stands. The four tomato and two pepper plants are growing well, but seem to require daily watering.

I wasn't used to this as I mulch the ground and didn't realize the hot air and sunshine would dry the soil out so quickly. Since the plants have gone through several wilting and watering cycles, the first fruits seem to have blossom end rot. I have read up on this and will remove the fruits affected. With a daily morning water regimen I hope they will produce.

I'm still tempted to plant a couple of late tomato plants in the ground where the lettuce has finished up, just in case. Overall I'm disappointed with the Topsy Turvy at this juncture.

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by: Anonymous

Very nice blog!!

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