Tomatoes get black on the bottom

by Pat
(Coal Township, PA)


The past three years that I have planted Beefsteak tomatoes, I've had the same problem. The plants grow as they should, but the tomatoes mostly have the bottoms turn black. What am I doing wrong? It doesn't matter whether the plants are in the ground...or in a pot. I have the same result either way.

Hi Pat,

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There's a tomato problem called Tomato Blossom End Rot. The ends of the tomatoes that were originally the tips of the blossoms, will turn colors. The first color it turns to is usually a brownish color. Then in the last stage, it turns black.

The problem is usually traced to a couple of reasons. The first is a strong fluctuation in temperature. And the second cause could be watering issues. Each of these problems can result in a lack of calcium. A lack of calcium then leads to the sign of blossom end rot that you are seeing bottoms.

As far as what to do, try to make sure your watering schedule is good. Also, you need to be on a good fertilizing schedule. As far as the fluctuations of temperatures, the hope is that if the watering and fertilizing is happening like it should, the temperature won't have the effect that it's been having on your plants.

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Also, check out more questions that have been asked about watering and fertilizing by going here.

Try to reevaluate the way you're watering and/or fertilizing. Change anything that's not right, and we'll hope the Blossom End Rot will subside. That's the good news, it can go away!!

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