Tomato Problems

by Jean Davis
(Brunswick, GA USA)


I have one of the upside down tomato plants which is not producing tomatoes. The plant is really healthy looking and getting very large. It has at times blossoms, but does not produce tomatoes. I have been watering the plant when it looks wilted and fertilizing it every other watering.
I am wondering if maybe I have been fertilizing it too often; causing it to produce the large plant but no tomatoes. I would appreciate any insight you might give me as to why no tomatoes.

Thank you very much.
Jean Davis


Hi Jean,

Just a couple of things to keep in mind. I would not wait until the tomato plants are wilted before you water them. Make sure the soil is nice and soaked when you water the plants. The next time you want to water them is when the soil dries out. I think waiting until the plant is wilting is waiting just a little too long.

Also, I'm not for sure what type of fertilizer you are using, but I'm not familiar with a brand that you could use as often as you are using it. For instance, Miracle Grow Water Soluble Fertilizer is what I use and I put it on my plants about every 7-10 days.

With that said, it's a good possibility that fertilizing that often could cause the plants to grow and not produce fruit.

At this point, you might try a last effort of pruning some of the lower stems off. That would send more nutrients to the flowers instead of to the multitude of leaves.

Keep up with watering and follow the instructions on your fertilizer.

Good Luck,

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