Tomato Plants: Leaves Curling Up

by Pattie S.


My tomato plant leaves are curling up, to much water or not enough? No yellow or brown spots yet.

Hi Pattie!!

I think your plants are a victim of leaf curl.

Here are some things to think about and ask yourself:

  • Has there been an excess of rain recently. Or maybe hot days, followed by lots of rain?

  • What about herbicides? Have you sprayed any around the yard? Do you hire a lawn care company? Sometimes unknowingly, they can allow a herbicide to come in contact with your garden.

  • Is there any grass clippings or mulch that might have come in contact with the herbicide and are now in your garden?

  • Another cause for leaf curl is the recent move to the outdoors. If grown indoors, a tomato might have a small amount of shock to it and leaf curl could result.

  • Recent or over-pruning of a tomato plant can cause leaf curl as well.

Regardless, if the tomato plant seems fine, as you said in regards to no browning leaves, etc., leaf curl usually subsides after several days and the plants return to a normal looking state.

At this point, I would do nothing (unless other symptoms occur) except your normal watering and care of the plants.

Hope this helps and good luck with your tomato crop!!


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Thanks a Million!
by: Diana

This is my first attempt at growing ANYTHING and your tips and helpful information are priceless! Thank you so very much.

Thanks for the help
by: Anonymous

Nice and informative answers. I hope it gets under control.

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