Tomato Plant Watering

by Mary
(Tolar, TX USA)


How much water does a tomato plant require during its growing stages?


That's a great question, Mary.

I think a really easy and true way to know is this:
If you have your tomato plant in a container, simply poke your finger into the top 1-2 inches of soil and feel for dampness. If you feel damp soil, don't water. If you feel dry soil, water! Sounds simple, but I've been doing it for a long time and it works really well.
If your tomato plants are in the ground, a good average would be around once a day. Here's how I would do that, though. Try to water the plant at the base, not water over the leaves. If you have to water over the leaves, then water in the morning so the moisture has a chance to dry with the heat from the sun. Moisture allowed to lay on leaves can cause tomato blight.

You'll want to allow a really good soaking of the soil. This is so the roots, which are quite deep, can get good moisture. A quick watering IS NOT the way to do it. That only allows the top portion of the soil to get moisture, thus only the top roots get moisture.

So with a really good soaking in the morning, you should be good until the next day. Depending upon your weather, (heat, rain, etc.) you may have to alter your schedule some. On really hot, sunny days, I have watered in the morning and the evening. Tomato plants do love their water. We've had two really big rains in the last couple of days....and MY how they've grown in that amount of time.

Great Luck To You,

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