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I have numerous tomato plants out on my porch. This is my first time growing them from seed, so I'm new to this. They're getting morning sunlight and some have started producing fruit. However, I didn't expect all of them to live so long/grow so big because this is my first time growing them. They're about 4-5 feet high, and the only thing that's supporting them is each other. I put the containers close to each other on the ground so they wouldn't all fall over, but now I need something else to help with the support. I've found that I left this to the last minute, and can not find any support systems in the stores. Is there a cheap, EASY way to get them the support that they need?

Also, I underestimated the root systems of each plant, they're in small rounded pots (which I thought were big at first, but later realized that I was wrong). And again, I can not find any bigger ones in the stores because I left it so late. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Gardener,
I think what you might need to do is first transplant the plants into "something" else. If the stores in your area are out of large containers, try using something like a 5 gallon bucket. Some places, such as craiglist, list them for free. Just make sure in what ever you use, drill a few holes into the bottom so water can drain out (Drainage concerns.) The possibilities for containers is endless.

As far as support, again, if stores are out of supplies, try any type of stake or something you can make a stake out of. A broom handle for instance would make a great support. Just stick it into the container and then tie up your tomato plants to the pole, etc.

Sounds like you have a green thumb!!
Good Luck!

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late season tomato support/growth
by: suzette trimmerAnonymous

I agree with Brad 100%. But as he said it is not too late to reap a wonderful harvest. I have used sawed off DEER PARK 5 gallon water containers. Just cut at the very top where the curves start. I have even painted them with white spray paint 99 cents a can. Then stenciled designs from local craft store. neighbors come up to me and ask where i bought such wonderful containers. I fill the bottom with sytform pieces at the bottom and drill several holes on the bottom and along bottom side.
As for staking be careful to not break off heavy branches, ask for someone's help to complete this project if possible. As for stakes I have used with success a number of weird house hold objects. Everything from unused trim to broom handles as Brad mentioned curtain rods, even tree branches I collect on dog walks. With the tree branches I am very careful to scrub down and sand off the outer finish so to speak as to not introduce any fungi or other germs that could hurt my huge tomato plants. I also ALWAYS plant marigolds in and all around my tomato plants this has proven a sure fired measure against hook worms. Plus they look great since the bottom is bare. Why is the bottom of my tomato plants bare you ask. Because I think one should pinch off all leaves and branches growing near the bottom. So as the plant grows taller the more bottom leaves are sniped off. They are only depriving the rest of my plant the nutrients that are needed to go to the top for the plant where my tomato grow. Also one last piece of advice i would ad is the re-use of my eggs shells. I collect and scatter them into their dirt as often as possible. I never waste any money on fertiliser.
Best of luck hope some of this helps.

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