Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow

by Linda
(Watertown, Ct)


I have 2 tomato plants that are about 3-4 ft tall. They are planted in a large flow pot. They have about 15 tomatoes on them combined. The problem, is the leaves are turning yellow and looks like an insect is eating them. Also after about 2-3 days, the leaves are brown and you can crumble them in your hands. The plant is being watered every day.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Linda,

Without seeing a photo of the plant, I can only suggest a few things.

The first thing I would do, is spray the plant with an insecticide of your choosing. If an insect is eating any part of the plant, at any amount, you need to get that under control.

One symptom you described is the yellowing of the leaves...and then dying of the leaves. That reminds me of Verticillium Wilt That's a soil-borne fungus that will eventually destroy your tomato plant. Oddly enough, wilt usually doesn't occur until later stages of growth. But leaves will yellow, and then die.

If this is what the problem is, there's nothing you can do but destroy the plant and the soil it's in. Let's hope it doesn't get to that point and wilt is NOT your problem.

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Yellowing Leaves

Tomato Leaves Turn Yellow

If at all possible, submit a photo, and we might be able to lock down the exact problem.

Good Luck,

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