Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow: Pest Attack?


Lower tomato leaves in container are turning yellow. Some also have holes in them, like "something" has been chewing on them. Might it be ants? Please help. I finally have some great plants but I'm scared that I'm losing them.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Gardener,

You do have a reason to be concerned. Usually though, if it's just yellowing leaves, you most likely just have a watering problem. The holes are the big concern.

Firstly, a big reason for leaves turning yellow is over-watering. Just try to keep the soil damp. Don't water the container again, until the soil is dry to the touch (at least the top 1 inch or so). Then you water the pot until you see water coming out the bottom from the drainage holes.

Your best bet with the holes, is to invest in an insecticide that will target things like caterpillars, ants, and mites and aphids. The thing is, is that the yellowing could also be a result of insects. So for me, your main goal is to rid the plant of any possible insects.

However, if the plant has yellow leaves just from over-watering, it should correct itself in time as long as you water as I stated above.

See our tomato plant care guide for more help with problem tomato plants.

Great luck to you,

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