Tomato Leaf Curl

by Vuky


My outdoor tomato plants have narrow leaves that are curled over.



Unless your tomato plants have other signs of disease or stress such as spotting or discolored leaves, you most likely are dealing with tomato leaf curl.

Tomato plant leaf curl is actually very common. Some of the things that might cause it are as follows:

  • Recent transplanting. Transplant shock can cause the leaves to curl. Even a mere move from indoors to outdoors can trigger leaf curl.

  • Extreme rain with extreme hot weather following has been known to cause it as well.

  • Exposure to chemicals sprayed onto lawns and trees. Has your or your neighbors lawn been treated by a landscape company with herbicides? Have you possibly allowed your plants to come in contact with grass clippings, etc. that could have been in contact with a herbicide?

  • Recent pruning or even over-pruning can be a cause for leaf curl.

Leaf Curl

Even if something like above has occurred, almost always, leaf curl will go away on its own. Allow time for the plant to re-establish itself and you'll see it return to it's normal state. Keep up with normal watering and feeding, but do watch out for any other symptoms (spots, brown or yellow leaves) to arise.

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