Tomato Leaf Curl in New Plants?


Why are the leaves of my newly planted (1 month) tomato plants curly upward and swindling?

The leaves remain green but they curl upward and inward.



There are a handful of reasons that tomato plants might exhibit curling leaves.

Excessive heat and drought in your area.

Too much moisture.

Severe Pruning.

Too much nitrogen.

Exposure to herbicides. (Lawn Care Companies)

Leaf Curl

But if your plant is newly transplanted, it very well could be that. One huge cause of tomato plant leaf curl is transplanting.

Unless other symptoms occur such as spotting or discoloring of the leaves, I would just keep an eye on them. Leaf curl most often goes away on its own and your plant will return to normal.

Do keep up a good watering and fertilizing schedule!

Good Luck!!

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