Tomato Gardening Tips

The tips to growing tomatoes are watering, the soil you use, and paying attention to your garden.

The first step is make sure you buy tomato plants that are not damaged.

I like to get the plants verses the seed. The plants are faster and easier to take care of. Try getting the plants that have the biodegradable pot. Since I live in a town home, and space in my backyard is limited, I decided this year to grow my tomato plants in big pots and leave the rest of my space to plant watermelon and leaf lettuce.

Get some Miracle Grow(organic dirt kind). Fill the pot with a little dirt just so you can plant the root. Before you put the tomato plant in the dirt, water the roots, then stick the tomato plant in the pot with the dirt. Then just fill the pot up with dirt.

Don't cover the plant... you are just covering the roots and some of the plant. Its important to water the plant everyday...ideally in the morning before it gets hot, and a night. But be careful not to over water it.

Make sure you have it where it is getting plenty of sunlight. As you see your tomato plant getting big. Get a long stick and gently tie the tomato plant to the stick with some thin very careful not to damage the tomato plant.

At this point, just keep watering it. Where I am located it can get very hot so sometimes I will move the plant for a day or so to a less sunny area in my backyard. If you want to plant a tomato plant in direct dirt in your yard verses a pot ,just follow the same rules.

It is very important to make sure you buy miracle grow dirt and keep the plant watered everyday.

This I believe and have seen will make your tomato plants grow.

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Great ideas and tips
by: Holly

Thanks for the neat ideas. Thanks for the tips.

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