Tomato Fruit Question

by Dennis


My wife says the yellow blossums have to be pruined to get good in fruit. I thought the blossums are the fruit?


Great question.

I would say to pass on that.

The way I see it, is if you have an indeterminate plant, those things will produce so much fruit over the course of the year, you probably won't be able to keep up with them.

If you have a determinate plant, they are "made" to only produce a certain amount of tomatoes. So if you prune off blossoms (which becomes the fruit), you are actually lessening the quantity of tomatoes you'll have for the year.

With all that said, if you ask that question to 2 gardeners, you'll probably have one say to prune for larger and more fruit.....and the other say to skip it. But....I would not bother if I were you.

Thanks for the question,

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by: Anonymous

Thanks very much for your answer Ill give it a try

More Fruit on my tomato plant
by: AnonymousSean Bannon

How do I know what leaves to pinch off my tomato plants to give me more fruit and a healthy plant?

Answer: You shouldn't prune off "leaves". You can look for "suckers". They are small shoots that grow between the larger stems. Pluck them off.

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