Tomato Emergency!

My tomato Plant: strange tendency to give itself a bath...

My tomato Plant: strange tendency to give itself a bath...

Tomato Emergency!

I have successfully grown organic tomatoes from seeds when the vendor my wife brought them from said it could not be done.

Three weeks went by before I planted them and they started to sprout. My wife was so proud of the seed and me she wanted to place them in the kitchen window of our apartment.

I felt that was not a great idea, but she felt that was the best window in the house to get the proper sunlight, and that is what she wanted; I love her, so who was I to deny her what she wanted?

So I made a plant hanger and placed them in the kitchen window.

For the first week it was remarkable how fast they grew and how thick the stems and root base was.

But one day as I was washing the dishes, the worst thing I could have imagine happen, as I was washing the dishes somehow I dumped the hanger as I was taking out the trash; I heard a thump but I did not pay it too much attention.

When I came back in the apartment and walked into the kitchen, there was the whole pot, plants, dirt and all, in the dish water.
I quickly scooped them up, packed the dirt around the roots and put new soil in the pot so that I could start pouring water on the roots to flush out the soapy water.

They started to wither and I lost one plant, but after a week they began to recover. But it happened again today.

So I did the same thing as I did before; with the resolution of reinforcing the hanger! But I don't know how good the chance of them surviving this second tomato emergency is going to be. If anything, what can I do?

Hi! Well, obviously lesson #1 is, make sure your tomato hangers are strong enough to cope with an adult plant -- but I think you got that one by now...

A lot of container gardeners use a mild solution of dish soap and water to kill aphids on tomato plants. So the soap in itself is not deadly.

However, if the soapy water coats the plant's leaves, then it may prevent them from feeding on sunlight properly. That could be why your other plant died. The fall might also have damaged its main stem.

Washing the roots is important, but you should try to wash the stems and leaves gently too. Otherwise, I think you did the right thing to replace the soil. Perhaps half a day outside might perk it up once you have repotted it.

Good luck, and use the comment form below to let us know how you got on!

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