Tomato Blight?

by Terri
(Mooresville, NC)


My tomato plant leaves have spots on them, is this normal? I have them in a large pot that is about twice as big as the plant.



Hi Terri,

Without knowing some specifics on what color and such the spots are, I would have to guess that you have some sort of leaf spot or tomato blight.
Blight, which shows spots as a symptom, is a type of fungus. It's usually caused by some type of excess moisture. I've known of instances where gardeners watered their tomato plants with a sprinkler system. That water will just sit on the tomatoes leaves, and will often times lead to tomato blight.
Always water your plants at the base of the plant.

With all that said, whether or not it's leaf spot or blight, I believe your first step should be to invest in a fungicide that is stated to fight such fungi.

Also, many fungi can over-winter in the soil. So it would be best to sterilize the container that's being utilized for this tomato plant before using next year. And I would change out the container gardening soil as well.

It's hard to diagnose some problems without seeing a photo or knowing very I hope this is what your problem is and that you get it under control soon.

Good Luck,

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