Tips For A Prize Crop Of Tomatoes From Your Garden

by Gina
(Oxnard, California, USA)

Tomatoes grow on vines that, with good care, will flourish in your garden nicely and reward you with a lovely batch of organic fruit. Just be sure to follow these tips to avoid a tomatoey mess in your yard.

First, allow enough space for your tomato vines to spread and grow freely. Plant sets of tomato seeds, spaced about a foot apart, in dense, good soil. On this first planting, add a fertilizer, such as a store-bought organic fertilizer or compost, or mix your own home compost.

Ample watering is key. From seedlings, water your tomato plants each day, preferably in the morning so the sun can interact with the moist ground and provide good nourishment. Watering too late in the day or at night can run the risk of overly soaking plants, causing them to weaken and not grow.

As your vines begin to grow, cover the dirt with a thin layer of mulch periodically, which gives the soil and plants a firmer foundation. Also, be on the look out for gnarly visitors. Various insects may begin to flock to your new plants to take up residence and chew them away. So, keep a spray bottle containing one part vinegar (organic apple cider vinegar recommended) to eight parts water to spray over your plants every day.

Next, be prepared to raise the vines on stakes to keep them organized and not all tangled together. Also, if you have a lot of vines, make rows so you can easily walk among your vines without crushing your plants.

Finally, channel love and keep an eye on how your tomato plants are developing. Ask a professional at a home and garden center any questions to ensure that your plants yield perfect fruits.

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