Time of bloom

by Kathy


Brad, I'm confused! I thought that one of the big advantages of winter sowing was that your plants would be growing earlier and hardened off already, so that you would have your annuals blooming earlier than if you bought them at a greenhouse!! So why does one of your answers say the annuals would bloom Later than a greenhouse bought plant??? Thanks for all the wonderful info you've given us!!!!


Hi Kathy,
Wintersowing will not get annuals blooming quicker than a greenhouse.

The reason greenhouse annuals will bloom quicker is most of the time they were started in the most perfect (warm, etc.) conditions known to man. Their BUSINESS is to have flowers blooming before they should even rightfully be put in the ground.

I'm not sure of the fertilizers, chemicals, etc that they use, but I know blooming WILL happen for greenhouse growers quicker.

WS annuals are still in nature's elements and will not bloom until they know nature is telling them to. Of course, inside the miniature greenhouse you created (milk jug, etc.), their conditions are much better than if in the "bare" elements of nature like direct sown flowers.

Does that make since? Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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