The Perfect Garden

by Sanjay

The perfect garden

Gardening is a great hobby. It helps us relax, find tranquility within our environment.
In order to keep our garden neat and clean, there are many things that has to be followed regularly.

1. Regular watering of plants is necessary. Have a pathway neatly cut so that excess water flows out through that channel.
2. Plant your trees with a minimum distance of one meter.
3. Do not use excess of fertilizers and artificial manures.
4. Try to plant all kinds of fruits or vegetables in the space available. But it is essential to know what kind of plants are best suited for our garden
5. Drip irrigation is the best way of irrigation in areas where water is scarcely available.
6. Pests are one of the major problems that arise in gardening. Eradicate them as soon as possible. Have watchful eyes on the plants. Early detection of diseases is the best way to stop spreading of diseases among plants.

The plants in the garden can fulfill your daily needs of vegetables or fruits. Having flowering plants in the garden is an added attraction. Flowers can make your garden look beautiful. Your garden can turn into your neighbor’s envy.
Please take good care of the plants. Remember, we contribute something valuable to this mother earth by having such good hobbies like gardening.
Protect mother earth. Live a better life.

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