The Dogs Ate My Tomato Garden

by Rachael
(Brighton, CO USA)

Last summer, I planted tomatoes for the first time in years. I started them as seeds inside my house in late winter/early spring so I could get them in the ground in early May. I was looking forward to having some nice, ripe, juicy tomatoes near the end of June/beginning of July.

I watered and fertilized regularly, and used small wooden dowels and kite string to tie them up instead of getting large tomato cages for them to hold onto. I started getting my first fruit in mid-June, and was watching the fruit get larger and more ripe by the day. I could almost taste the fruit of my labor, literally!

Then one day last summer, as I was sweeping and mopping my kitchen floor, my dogs began getting extremely wild. I decided that in order to keep them out of the kitchen while I did housework was to put them outside in the backyard. I didn't even consider my precious tomato plants. About twenty minutes passed, and I checked out the window to see what the dogs were doing, only to see one dog with an entire tomato plant hanging out of his mouth, and the other dog chasing him trying to get it. I was horribly shocked and saddened.

When I ran outside to survey the damage, I had discovered that in just a few minutes' time, the dogs had ravaged my entire tomato garden. There was not a single tomato plant left un-uprooted or uneaten.

Let this be a lesson to myself not to let the dogs loose in the backyard unattended when I have beautiful tomato plants growing! This summer I will be a lot more careful about sectioning off the section of the yard with my tomato garden.

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