The Advantages of Growing Tomatoes at Home

by Jenifer Christebelle
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Hello All,

This is my experience about tomato gardening. I love gardening and most of the time I plan to plant edible plants like vegetables, fruits and spices. I once had planted all my garden with tomato plants and they were just so amazing in the garden. My garden was looking so good with all the red tomatoes all over.
We then planned to prepare tomato ketchup out of those tomatoes.
Mom is a very good cook and she is very good at preparing fruit juices, squashes and jams etc.
The process of preparing tomato ketchup goes like this.
Firstly, we need to wash the tomatoes and boil then in a huge vessel till it turns to a thick juice.
Then we keep stirring it so that it doesn't get burnt.
Then we add sugar and salt to taste.
Continue stirring till it turns more think and then leave it to cool down.
Transfer it to a storage container and add preservatives so that we can use it for a long time.
Then relish the ketchup all time and every time of your meal.
It is really a good idea to have a tomato garden at home as it is also not very expensive.
Now a days tomato prices go so high and then cheap at times.
But if you have a tomato garden at home you don't have to worry about anything.

Happy Gardening!!!

Jenifer Christebelle

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