Terrarium Plants, Kits and Supplies Reviewed and Rated

This is the ultimate guide to choosing terrarium plants. Each item is rated, and linked to peer reviews, so you can see what customers said about them when they purchased the product.

We've separated the plants into themes, so if you want to know how to plant a terrarium on a desert theme, a tropical terrarium, or a water terrarium, then you'll easily find the ones you're looking for.

Have you picked out your terrarium, chosen the theme, background and so on? Click here to read our beginner's guide to creating a plant terrarium.

We also supply reviews of terrarium kits, supplies, backgrounds, and everything else you'll need to create and maintain your dream terrarium.

Terrarium Supplies Review Topics

Terrarium Plants by Theme:

Terrarium Supplies by Theme:

Crystals and Other Special Items

Terrarium Kits

Terrarium Books

Terrarium Plants by Theme

There are a few popular themes for plant terrariums. Naturally, you can create any theme you like: fantasy, mediaevil, gothic or whatever.

There are even Harry Potter-style terrarium kits out there for you J.K. Rowling fans!

Sub-tropical (warm, moist, humid) Terrarium Plants

Ferns, Prayer Plant, African Violet, Venus Fly Traps, Nepenthes, Butterworts, and Sundews

Carnivorous Terrarium Plants

Ferns, Prayer Plant, African Violet, Venus Fly Traps, Nepenthes, Butterworts, and Sundews

Water Terrarium Plants

Cryptocoryne, Bacopa, Acorus, Anubias

Desert Terrarium Plants

Elephant Bush, Panda Plant, Hen and Chicks, Jade Plant, Cactus

Special Terrarium Plants

Fantasy and Gothic-style plants

Terrarium Moss

Soft, carpet-like or spongy ground cover. It can grow super-fast under the right circumstances, and take over a garden if it really takes hold.

Fortunately for our purposes, moss is a great choice of accents for your regular terrarium plants. The right kind grows into tiny tree-like plants that look really lovely under glass!

Super-cute miniature pin cushion spikemoss: like a tiny tree for your terrarium!
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Editor's Choice Our number one choice of terrarium moss plants. Grow into minute bush-like plants. A very steady hand could even carve mature ones into tiny topiary! Affordable and pretty. Click to buy.

Living moss -- just plant in your terrarium, and enjoy!
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If you have a larger terrarium to fill up, then this fast-growing moss will do the job wonderfully. It's more like a tiny fern that will fill up the space you allow it to take over. Buy at Amazon.

Bonsai growers swear by Kyoto moss spores. They work beautifully in a terrarium too!
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Beloved of bonsai fanatics around the world, the famous Kyoto moss lends that ancient look to your terrarium (visitors to British churches or castles will know the green blush we mean). You'll have plenty left over to use outside if you have the space. Excellent product, buy from Amazon.

Frog Food moss spreads nicely along the bottom of your terrarium
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If you're looking for a bushier cover for the landscape in your terrarium, then this wonderfully-named Frog Food moss is just the ticket. Not as defined as a 'single tree' moss, it's a lovely emerald color. Buy from Amazon.

One dose of Moss Milkshake will coat any layer of your terrarium with moss for a long time
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Whatever you do, don't drink this Moss Milkshake! Wherever you pour it, including over terrarium features, moss will begin to grow in soon afterwards. Enough for several terrariums, and some concrete garden features if you have them, too. Ships from Amazon.

Terrarium Supplies by Theme

Sub-tropical (warm, moist, humid) Terrarium Supplies


Water Terrarium Supplies


Desert Terrarium Supplies


Special Terrarium Supplies

Fantasy and Gothic-style plants

Crystals and Other Special Items


Terrarium Kits

This beautiful small gothic terrarium is an all-in-one case for your personal indoor garden
Click to order this item from Garden.com

A truly lovely, elegant gothic-style terrarium case. This one is unusual in that it comes with legs. It's like a mini glasshouse! The easy access hinged roof makes taking care of your terrarium plants a snap. Order today.


Terrarium Books

Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature Worlds by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant
Click to order this item from Amazon. Free shipping!

Editor's Choice The passion for this topic really shines through, which is why we decided to make Terrarium Craft our Editor's Choice.

Don't let the word "craft" put you off: it's an excellent reference book for anybody interested in getting into terrarium plants and creation.

A huge amount of time and trouble has been taken to get great illustrations. One element we like is the focus on crystals: the 'bling' factor can really add beauty to your terrarium project.

It's priced really well (under $12 at this time), and probably the best choice if you're shopping for a younger adult. Recommended. Click to buy from Amazon.

The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature by Tovah Martin and Kindra Clineff
Click to order this item from Amazon. Free shipping!

If you're ready to get serious about terrarium plants, then this is definitely the book for you.

What we love about The New Terrarium is the imagination and grown-up approach. It's clearly something the authors love to do: but this is not a book for beginners. Some of the cases they choose to illustrate are quite daunting, and they presume a certain level of familiarity with the material.

We definitely like this book, but it won't be for everybody. However, if you've created some basic terrariums and now want to move on to pieces that will wow your friends and family, then The New Terrarium is a must-have. Click to buy from Amazon.

Tiny World Terrariums: A Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Contained Life by Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow
Click to order this item from Amazon. Free shipping!

We're a bit on the fence about the whole "tiny world" angle. The authors go into the concept of adding miniatures to make real-looking landscapes.

That puts it beyond the scope of this website, and we would consider leaving it out of our guide altogether, except that it's really quite a useful book for beginners.

The excellent illustrations show how virtually anything clear can be used as a terrarium, and the authors show in excellent detail the various choices of mosses, backgrounds, stones and other drainage.

Its tone won't appeal to everybody. However, as the foundation of a project to do with kids (who will love the little figures), or for an older relative looking for a new hobby, this might be a good choice. You can buy it from Amazon.

Tabletop Gardens: 40 Stylish Plantscapes for Counters and Shelves, Desktops and Windowsills by Rosemary McCreary
Click to order this item from Amazon. Free shipping!

Best General Gift We really like this book. It's more accessible for people who may not be totally committed, but who you know would like the idea of a self-contained indoor garden (click for our guide to indoor gardens). That makes it a top choice of gift for somebody else, rather than yourself.

Because it has no "terrarium" in the title, you can give it to somebody who is crafty, but not necessarily into the idea of creating a terrarium (most people don't even know what one is!).

Included in the book are guides to terrarium plants, choosing your tabletop garden container, cleaning and maintenance. Rosemary McCreary has written an excellent book here. It is also excellent value for money (under $12 at the time of this review. Click to buy it from Amazon.

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